Noelle H —
||17 years old. Feminist.“From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them, and that is eternity.||



My Name is Noelle, (prounced noh-elle). I’m not too great at writing about myself but I’ll give it my best shot. My personality type is INFP . Meaning, if you are too lazy to google it, that I am a deep thinker, enjoy helping others, make decisions based on emotion rather than reason, don’t think too highly off myself or give myself credit, enjoy the arts like writing and drawing blah blah blah… Something that you should do know about it me that I suffer from anxiety and depression. Not the kind of anxiety that is just getting worried before a test, I mean crippling anxiety, the feeling of you gut twisting up and your body going numb. Same goes with depression, I get sad at times, really sad, sometimes I dont leave my bed or I cry until my eyes burn. I dont want sympathy, just understanding. I am a senior in high school and am going to an alternative school (one of those schools where you call teachers by their first name basically. Ask is always open!

Fuck fear and fuck feeling inadequate. There are two kinds of people out there - the people who are putting themselves out there and then there are the people who are commenting on what those people are doing. Who would you rather be? Even if you think Im full of total shit know that if I can have a career in music you can too.
— Lindsey Way
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